Support Patients' Right to Try

Contact your representatives and urge them to vote for the Right to Try Act!

Today, millions of Americans are suffering from diseases for which potential treatments exist, but are forbidden from getting the help they need by federal regulations.

The House will vote TODAY (5/22/18) on the Right to Try Act, S. 204, which would give terminally ill patients access to life-saving experimental medicine.

The bill prevents the government from blocking patients' access to promising new drugs that have passed basic FDA safety tests but which are stuck in the long approval process.

This is an amazing opportunity to give thousands of struggling patients a fighting chance.

Contact your representatives


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I urge you to vote YES on the Penny Plan today.

The Penny Plan balances the budget in just five years by cutting one penny out of every dollar, for all spending across the board.

As your constituent, I must tell you that it's time we reign in government spending with a balanced budget.