Free Our Health Care, Stop Big Insurance

Whether it’s a government bureaucrat or an insurance underwriter, a middleman between you and your doctor means your health and your life aren’t in your hands. Yet, nearly all proposals coming from both parties in Washington D.C. are based on nudging you into third-party payment plans from Big Insurance or Big Government.

Senator Rand Paul has championed a better solution: free our health care, and allow us to explore other options outside of the insurance cartel—to determine our own health care future.

Let us save and spend our money on health care tax free, let that money cover preventative health costs too, let us buy insurance that is tailored to our needs and not everyone else’s, and let the market discover new ways of providing affordable care for everyone.

The more that people are able to work around the insurance middlemen, the more it encourages price transparency and an actual market, where doctors and hospitals are driven to provide the best service for you at the lowest cost.

Health care was an expensive mess before ObamaCare and it’s even more of a mess now, so Congress can’t avoid acting forever. If they don’t hear your voices shouting for more choice, they’ll keep giving your money and freedom to Big Insurance or Big Government instead.

Tell Congress: Free Our Health Care! Let us decide the best use of our own money!

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