Stop the U.S. Government from Collecting Your Emails

Why can the U.S. government collect your emails?

Sec. 702 of FISA allows the U.S. government to warrantlessly collect a massive amount of data. In doing so, it collects communications of innocent Americans, which can be searched without a warrant and used in criminal prosecutions. This violates Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights.

As soon as June 18, 2019, the House is voting on the Amash-Lofgren amendment to limit the warrantless collection of Americans’ communications under Sec. 702 of FISA. It's time to stop the Deep State!

Contact your Congressmen and urge them to vote YES on the Amash-Lofgren amendment to protect American privacy and warrantless collection of data.

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I urge you to vote YES on the Penny Plan today.

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